Thursday, May 18, 2017

16/5 book blog

Again with the publish button. I only saved it as a draft. This should show up as 16 May.
I have, as of late, been reading an AP title. This one is known as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. (Goodreads URL: The edition I have contains 366 pages, and so far... wait a second, I've read this book before! So I'm re-reading it. Currently, I'm at page 88. Maybe I'll get to 100 tonight! (Update: Yes, I reached 100 that night.). 

I actually really like Huck Finn, but I have one big gripe about it: the language used in the story is so Southern, not even I can understand it. And they use the word "n*gger" a lot. But honestly... I should get into that. This story actually has a lot of root in reality for that time period. Black people, in the south of the US, were actively discriminated against, just for being black. This book is actually banned in several school districts around America just due to its overuse of this word. But I think that this is a massive overreaction. It's like trying to ban education on that dark time in America. People used that word, they used it frequently, and they used it derogatorily. I like reading banned books, because it exposes me to just how unnecessarily sensitive people can be sometimes. While I will admit that the stereotypes shown in Huckleberry Finn are somewhat offensive sometimes, it's something that was considered the truth in that time, and it's important to show people what people thought back then, just to show how much our thoughts have changed and become more accepting.


  1. I understand that Mark Twain uses a weird language. I've read a couple of his books before and understand that he uses a different kind of slang. Yes during the time period, black discrimination was a huge problem. Overall, great blog!

  2. I agree with your statement about the stereotypes being offensive and people honestly have had their views over time due to books like Mockingbird and people like MLK. I haven't personally read the book but I will try to read it when I have the time.